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Monthly Networking Dinner
September 9th, 2014
5:30PM - 8:30 PM  




  Abacoa Golf Club
105 Barbados Drive
Jupiter, FL  33458



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Welcome To Angel Forum of Florida
Upcoming Event

Angel Forum Networking Dinner
Tuesday September 9th, 2014

5:30PM to 8:30PM

Location: Abacoa Golf Club
105 Barbados Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458


Company Presenters

Todd H. Smith, Founder & CEO

Global business education is mired in an “old school” way of providing knowledge.  Even the most cutting edge E-learning delivery systems seem to be forcing the same academia down students’ throats.  To what end?  Are they truly prepared to start, run, and grow companies? 

Students invest four or more years of their lives, and take on the burden of massive amounts of debt, only to graduate with a diploma, and a skill set far from practical for the purposes of business creation. will design its own practical, affordable, implementable, engaging curriculum along with tools and resources that will provide aspiring and existing business owners with everything they need to build, run, and grow successful companies.  Todd H. Smith, Founder & CEO will present.






Richard Parker, CTO




Cytowave is for the horses. Cytowave Equine Therapy can do what no other product or service can—it has been shown to reliably reduce a horse’s recuperation time from major tendon and ligament injuries by two thirds or more—typical total recovery times that average twelve months are now around four months and average three weeks for lesion closure with the Cytowave Equine Therapy. Even better: it is painless, non-invasive and similar or lower cost than any other viable options available to horse owners, trainers or veterinarians.

Beginning in late 2012, the Company conducted field trials lasting more than a year treating over fifty horses while working with a variety of trainers, owners and veterinarians to collect clinical data. Utilizing ultrasounds and veterinary reports, Cytowave has built a solid base of evidence to support the therapeutic value of our treatment system. In addition to clinical evidence, there are a number of testimonial cases where thoroughbred and performance horses with career-ending tendon and ligament injuries came back after Cytowave Therapy treatment to win races and competition shows.  Richard Parker, CTO will present.

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